The DRM Band is a Christian rock band with a twofold purpose. First, we aim to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. Second, we aim to encourage, uplift and challenge the body of Christ to become more like him in thought, action and deed. The tools that we use to accomplish these goals are our spoken words and our music.


Our repertoire consists of a mix of original music, praise and worship and Christian standards. We are as comfortable in a concert venue reaching out to the unsaved as we are in a church uplifting brothers and sisters in the Lord. We have played some of the largest venues in New England, including Soulfest, Connect Fest, Reach The Beach and others. Our ministry has also taken us to some of the smallest, most intimate churches and coffeehouses in New England. Wherever God calls us, we are ready to go.


Our ministry is local to the New England area. If you have an event and you need a Christian band, we would love to partner with you.






Thank you all for your support this year. We have had many exciting events this year including Soulfest and the Salisbury Beach Concert Series. A special thank you for the venues that have supported us and keep inviting us back.


If you are attending Soulfest 2018, we ask you to consider supporting us in two ways. First, please consider purchasing your Soulfest tickets through us. To do this, go to our online store and choose "Soulfest 2018 Tickets." Second, look us up on the Soulfest schedule and come see us.