Frequently Asked Questions

Who is DRM?


The DRM Band is a Christian rock band based out of Haverhill, MA. DRM is comprised of experienced musicians who are also devoted Christians and worship leaders in their respective churches. We are a dual focus ministry. We spend a lot of time in churches facilitating worship and edifying the body. We also minister to the unsaved and unchurched with a mix of originals songs and Christian classics. We minister at churches, concert venues, camps, conference centers, benefits and wherever else God leads us.


How long has DRM been around?


DRM was originally formed in the early 1990's.


What is the band's history?


DRM was formed in the early 1990's as a house praise band in a Haverhill, MA church. After hearing Pastor Claude Noel (then the leader of the Council of Churches of Haiti) speak during a trip to Haverhill, DRM developed heart for the people and churches of Haiti. The band traveled to churches throughout New England and beyond, raising over $35,000 for their Haiti mission. For many churches, it was also their first introduction to Praise and Worship music. After ministering to the body in New England for most of the 1990's, the band broke up and members went their separate ways to raise families and minister in their own churches. In 2012, God brought the band back together in a somewhat miraculous way. In the beginning, the members began meeting and fellowshipping together. Soon they were rehearsing together again, not knowing exactly where God was leading. In May of 2013, DRM began public ministry once again.


What should we expect musically?


DRM is a music ministry with an eclectic mix of influences stemming from the varying backgrounds of the different musicians. We all grew up with Aerosmith, The Beatles, The Cars, Deep Purple, etc, so there is a strong thread there. Other influences, such as R&B, funk, gospel, blues and traditional choral music weave an interesting tapestry that makes DRM who they are. Vocals are "big" and "lush" with tight harmonies that add texture and thickness to the arrangements.


What do you believe?


"We believe that God the Father sent God the Son, whom we know as Jesus, to save a sinful world. As it says in Romans, "All have sinned" and "The wages of sin is death." We believe that all must accept the free gift of salvation in order to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Our job, as defined in Matthew 28, is to go and make disciples by telling others about God's great gift. That is why we do what we do. We want to spread God's Word to as many people as we can, pointing them to Jesus. We also believe that, within the church, we have been called to help facilitate worship and to help equip the saints."


Do you have any recorded music?


Below are the DRM Band and related releases currently for sale.


The latest DRM Band release is the "We Prefer The Word Vintage" EP. Vintage hearkens back to the praise and worship music that we love and is done in the styles of the artists that influenced, shaped and molded us musically. Most of the praise and worship that we do live, such as I Am Free and Everlasting God, is from Vintage


DRM recorded their first album, "Instruments Of Worship", in 1991. It was originally issued on cassette. In 2014, DRM released a remastered version of Instruments Of Worship. If you like the earliest foundations of Contemporary Praise And Worship, you will enjoy this album. It features such classics as He Is Exalted, All Hail King Jesus, Forever Grateful and others.


"Full Speed Ahead" is an EP project released in 2015 by Les and Friends. It features original compositions of bass player Les with contributions from his wife and DRM vocalist Sandi plus contributions from other musician friends. Many of the original songs we do live, Such as Leave Him For Dead and Chicken Little, are on this EP release.


What does DRM stand for?


We have lots of fun acronyms for DRM. This, however, is what DRM really means to us.


It “DOSEN’T REALLY MATTER” who we are on stage. What really matters is the one whom we present; Jesus Christ, crucified, risen and Lord of all.



Thank you all for your support this year. We have had many exciting events this year including Soulfest and the Salisbury Beach Concert Series. A special thank you for the venues that have supported us and keep inviting us back.


If you are attending Soulfest 2018, we ask you to consider supporting us in two ways. First, please consider purchasing your Soulfest tickets through us. To do this, go to our online store and choose "Soulfest 2018 Tickets." Second, look us up on the Soulfest schedule and come see us.