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We Prefer The Word Vintage EP  ($7)

Instruments Of Worship Remastered  ($10)

DRM Band Tee Shirts  ($20)

Soulfest 2018 Tickets

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If you are local and want to pick up your items to avoid shipping costs, please message us at our DRM Band Facebook site and we will make special arrangements with you. Thank you for your support.




Thank you all for your support this year. We have had many exciting events this year including Soulfest and the Salisbury Beach Concert Series. A special thank you for the venues that have supported us and keep inviting us back.


If you are attending Soulfest 2018, we ask you to consider supporting us in two ways. First, please consider purchasing your Soulfest tickets through us. To do this, go to our online store and choose "Soulfest 2018 Tickets." Second, look us up on the Soulfest schedule and come see us.